On Pinterest, Photography, and Usefulness

It’s funny; when I first got an invitation to Pinterest, probably a year or so ago, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it. It can look kind of like a mosaic of color and things if you’re poking around on the “popular” or “everything” feeds — a chaos of DIY crafts, fashion ideas, Jimmy Choo shoes next to homemade baby food recipes, etc. — and it can be really overwhelming.

But now that I’ve curated a bunch of my own little pinboards I can see how useful Pinterest can be! In fact, it’s a great little addiction (I sometimes pop on and pin things up to 5 times a day)!


But I really want my Pinterest to be more than just a place where pretty things go to sit. I’ve curated a bunch of pinboards that I think can help potential clients and current clients. Like:

Engagement session style ideas
Wedding hair and makeup inspiration
Cakes and sweets!
Short wedding dresses!
– and my favorite, pretty rings (some that are “traditional” and some that are quirky/fun)

I love following my clients on Pinterest to see what interests them or how they’re shaping their weddings. And on a personal note, it’s always lovely to jump in and have an affirmation conversation via pin — like if a client pins a shade of lipstick that is gorgeous so I re-pin — it’s like saying, “Yes, we’re on the same page. You have good taste and I agree with you”! Likewise, if I pin a floral arrangement that interests me and a client pins it onto her own inspiration board, it’s like we’re nodding our heads, going, “Mmhmm, I trust your judgment.” Haha :)

Some of my clients who follow me on Pinterest (and I follow them back) have exceptional style. I mean, remember Maeve in her shift dress and Jesse in his charcoal suit?

Interior pictures of olive & june austin

Ms. B. asked for a boudoir session after seeing my boudoir board, which is less of a “sex-kitten” board and more of a beauty board:

artistic Austin boudoir photos

And who could forget Brynn and her fierceness during her bridal session?

interesting bridal portraits

Pinterest is a really fun tool! Do you have a Pinterest account? Let’s follow each other! I can be found on Pinterest here.


  1. Someday, I will break my Pinterest addiction. Until then, pinning all the pins <3

  2. But seriously. Pretty rings. You found it. I officially feel ready to get married because I’ve now seen the perfect ring… I know that sounds kooky, but it’s true. <3 Thank you.

  3. I struggle to get on with Pinterest. I do try and use it in fits and starts, but I never really get too much back out of it.

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