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So A Friend Asked You To Officiate A Wedding…

This is a shoutout to all of the friends who are tasked with the incredibly high honor of officiating your friends' weddings. Your good friend asked you because you have that silky voice; you have a way with words; you have that je ne sais quoi of commanding everyone's attention; you're funny [Read More...]
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Another Love Letter to Wedding Albums

I probably don't say it enough (though if you scroll back through my blog, I say it often): I love wedding albums. I love it when people have beautiful, hand-stitched keepsakes of their memories. And even more, I love seeing the couple's reactions to their wedding album for [Read More...]

How to Create a Custom Wedding Snapchat Filter

Some time last year I joined millions of users and started using Snapchat. If you're not familiar with Snapchat, it's a visual messaging app where you can send photos and videos, overlaid with text or fun filters, to other users, or post things on your public "Story" for others [Read More...]