Now for something a little different…

      After having my own boudoir session done, I was hooked on the idea of photographing boudoir as well. The whole experience was amazing from start to finish, and I gave Walt a little book of my photos for our anniversary gift (which he seems to appreciate). I’d been apprehensive about boudoir photos in general, since the vast majority that receive airtime are very come-hither, smolder-snarl, I-am-your-object types of lingerie advertisements. I wanted to celebrate women’s beauty, grace, and happiness with their bodies.

      Luckily, a lovely lady approached me about a boudoir session and gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted. I love love love the way our boudoir session came to fruition, and she gave me permission to share a bunch of photos.

      Since this post is of a half-dressed lady, I will put the rest behind a cut. They’re very tasteful, but probably not safe for work.

      tasteful beautiful boudoir

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      Very tasteful set of images. Boudoir is a difficult genre to pull off, but you’ve nailed it here.

      Absolutely gorgeous, Elissa!! That shot on the table… WOW.

      Oh my God! She looks stunning! Such beautiful use of light in all of these, Elissa :)

      These are so pretty. Love the one with the cat!

      Stunning use of light and great smiles!

      I really like the second image, on the left.

      I love the one of her smiling! Smiles are sexy!

      These are simple, classy, and beautiful. Wonderful portrait work.

      So beautiful, I love the variety of your photographs.

      Wonderful set Elissa, and that first frame is absolutely killer. The light!

      Very classy. Really like the black and white one where she is sitting on the chair and looking out of the window.

      She’s gorgeous. Her happiness shines through the photos too :)

      These are wonderful! The light is incredible and your subject is just breath-taking. Great work!

      PS. Could we have lingerie credits? I want to shop!

      Hey Liz! Here is what my beautiful client had to say about her wardrobe:

      Flower set: forever 21
      High waisted black: forever 21
      Black lace bra: Intimissimi (at the VS outlet)
      Pink robe: Victoria’s Secret
      Black bralette set: Nordtroms
      Thigh high socks: American Apparel
      Pink and black chemise: Urban Outfitters

      I love how natural, and HAPPY these look! This is especially amazing in a boudoir shoot, where it would be completely understandable to be uncomfortable. Well done!

      I love these! Great work!

      PS OMG you have a tiny cat icon!!!

      THESE. ARE. STUNNING! Also, I really love what she wore! Beautiful.

      These are gorgeous, Elissa. She is stunning & looks so natural & comfortable in front of the camera. Really great work!

      I LOVE these. She looks completely beautiful!