It’s Friday! This week I did not paint my nails a new color (Zoya is surprisingly resilient to chipping, which is not something I expected when I painted the first wobbly coat on last week). I did take a lot of happy little Photobooth photos on my computer, though, so that is what I will share.

      My copy of A Practical Wedding signed by Meg – a care package from my friend Pamela in Canada yielded Smarties and Aero and a googly-eyed Valentine – Scout is feeling better so I am allowed to Photobooth with him again (it’s our my favorite pastime) – my awesome client Emily sent me a guide to her family and wedding party (with photos)! Love it! With this guide, I shouldn’t get confused…

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      Walt & me | How we met 
      Austin ‘A Practical Wedding’ Book Tour Stop (with lots of photos)

      Elsewhere –
      Carey Mulligan talking about ‘Shame’ – she based her character a little bit on Francesca Woodman’s photographs. Woodman is one of my favorite photographers of all time. I need to see this movie (for more reasons than that)
      The Mirage – This book sounds so fascinating. I need to add it to my list. Read this short review on Boingboing to be intrigued as well.
      Why Willpower Matters – and how to get it 

      Have a lovely weekend! I’ll be shooting an engagement session this Sunday with a verrrry special couple. And next week is Valentine’s Day — stay tuned for Groom’s Week (a collection of photos you’ve never seen!) Intrigued yet?!


      Alright – now you’re making me want to go buy some Zoya immediately. :)

      I thought you bought Zoya already (?!)