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Austin Wedding Photographer | Best of 2018

Yeah, I know that it's almost March and I'm finally getting this post up. Shhh. 2018 I began experimenting a bit and creating more "weird" photos. I really enjoyed taking some risks and will continue to do so this coming year. If you want any weird portraits of [Read More...]
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Behind the Scenes in 2018

Best post of the year! The awkward behind-the-scenes photos of me doing my thing. This year I discovered Gap legging pants, which feel like yoga pants, and ramped up my use of collared sleeveless shirts. I'd enjoyed Uniqlo pants before, but the Gap ones are a little less [Read More...]
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Behind the Scenes in 2017

Hi. It's me. Your friendly Austin wedding photographer. You might be wondering what I'm doing here. Well, every year I compile these somewhat-fun, somewhat-embarrassing behind-the-scenes photos of me doing my job, and share them with you. A little peek behind the curtain, if you will (revealing that I [Read More...]