The yearly wrap-up continues, this time with a set of Hidden Gems. These are the photos that are some of my favorites but didn’t make it onto the blog, usually because it didn’t completely fit in with the story of the couple’s wedding day or their wedding blog post was already getting a little long. (Little confession: for some reason, I really don’t like making uber-long blog posts! :)

      fiesta gardens austin ceremony kiss

      From Naomi and Eric’s Fiesta Gardens wedding in March, their ceremony kiss. I used to shy away from sharing the ceremony kiss, especially if it was as passionate as this one (seriously — look at the way they are holding each other! so beautiful) but once I realized that most couples gave me permission to share it (I always ask), I realized it was a very big part of their wedding story and it should be included. Naomi and Eric had one of the most beautiful kisses I’ve witnessed.

      bride groom kiss georgetown wedding

      I caught this sweet near-kiss and giggle between Ali and Austin at their Georgetown wedding in April.

      grandma's expression houston wedding photographer

      The expression on this grandmother’s face when she saw Kate before Kate and Aaron’s Rice University wedding

      bride getting makeup done at butlers courtyard houston

      Rachelle has her makeup fixed as Stephen and one of her Team Rachelle friends looked on, after a very emotional First Look at Butler’s Courtyard in Houston.

      This actually made it into my portfolio, but not into the blog post — Lauren‘s bridesmaid and twin sister react to her putting on her veil. I love this moment.

      moment junkie contender

      I laugh whenever I see this — Laura received a touch-up on her lipstick during her Vintage Villas wedding. Sometimes it’s great to be the bride ;)

      birdseed toss outdoor wedding

      There is actually a better photo of this portion of Meredith and Nic’s lakeside wedding ceremony, but I really like this moment of bliss between the newlywed couple and the groom’s mother joyfully tossing birdseed.

      daytime first dance tent

      I loved this sweet first dance cuddle during Polly and Rigel‘s wedding reception.

      east austin engagement shadow play

      A lovely little shadow kiss between Michelle and Rocky during their East Austin engagement session.

      post ceremony kiss bride groom

      After successfully tying the knot in front of friends and family, Joy and Collin recessed to the outdoors and celebrated again with a kiss amongst their best friends.

      engagement session on capitol park bench

      I love this tender moment between Steven and Liz at the Austin Capitol!

      austin couple with pinwheels

      Diana and Michael pulled out some pinwheels during their backyard engagement session… so cute!

      Stay tuned for some of my favorite wedding images from 2011! :)


      awesome idea Elissa! Great blog post! beautiful selection of images. :)

      Love the idea for showcasing amazing shots that might’ve otherwise gotten lost in the shuffle. All of these are incredible and such sweet, beautiful moments. Especially love the cat photobombing the last shot :)

      These are really wonderful shots, Elissa!