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Joanna & Amaury | Intimate Austin Wedding

In every wedding, I see a tiny piece of my own marriage reflected back at me. Whether it's the same reading during the ceremony (we had e.e. cummings recited at ours, and it's a favorite among some of my couples), similar style choices or cake flavor choices or [Read More...]
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Austin Wedding Photographer | Best of 2018

Yeah, I know that it's almost March and I'm finally getting this post up. Shhh. 2018 I began experimenting a bit and creating more "weird" photos. I really enjoyed taking some risks and will continue to do so this coming year. If you want any weird portraits of [Read More...]
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Christa & Laura | Pearl Snap Hall Wedding

Electric. Christa and Laura saw each other for the first time and sparks flew instantly. Soon, their lives intertwined and they were engaged and planning a wedding! I'd never been to the charming Georgetown, TX venue Pearl Snap Hall until their nuptials but I hope to be back [Read More...]