I’m suffering from writer’s block for this post. How do I effectively gush about Michelle and Rocky, their amazing personalities, their great senses of humor, their obvious love towards one another, and the fact that they’re super photogenic, without sounding too hippie-dippie? Hmm, dilemma! So I’ll just show you some photos instead.

      We shot near a scrap metal yard in East Austin. Totally awesome. Here are a few of my favorites…

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      This beautiful ring is from Calvin’s and the diamond was Rocky’s mother’s. Awww.

      i love behind the back hugs


      The use of colour is bang on. They seem less saturated than usual. Are you using a colour cast over them? Its very effective!

      @Tom E – no color cast, just less contrast in PP :)

      Beautiful couple! well shot, Love that last image. It’s gorgeous. And that ring shot is totally awesome.

      Man, that ring shot is epic!

      Love that ring shot. Like, sooooo much. This couple looks really awesome!!

      What an adorable couple… I really like the one of Michelle hugging Rocky’s arm too. So sweet.

      The ring shot is sweet! Such a cute couple. That last image is goodness all around.

      Absolutely beautiful! That ring shot rocks!

      That ring shot is fab! My faves from the set are the last – for the expression – and the one of Michelle hugging Rocky’s arm – because of the body language – that ‘I want to squeeze you SO HARD’ feeling. Lovely work, Elissa!

      What a cute ring shot! Love the 4th photo!

      Great set, That army men ring shot is awesome.

      Love the ring shot! Such a great set Elissa.

      LOVE the ring shot! And the upside down shot! And the last shot! Or… all of them, if we’re being honest…

      Hippie-dippie. You are too cute. I love love the fourth row on the right! and the ring shot is too fun :-)