Glimpses of my week –

      southwest airlines flight with kindle and ice waterabyss beer being sharing between two friendsaustin tx 24 diner food24 diner austin tx breakfast platteraustin wedding photographydesigner de better O.P.I. polish collection

      This week was more interesting than most — we spent Christmas in Tulsa and friends were in town for the holidays. Photos, from top left: Walt reading on his new Kindle (he loves that thing); Southwest actually has good customer service and we had zero delays. Also? Peanuts are still free. – Eric, in town from Ann Arbor, shares a beer with Walt – Megan, in town from Pittsburgh, got waffles with me – a wonderful waffle breakfast from 24 Diner (that I’d been craving all week) – the crew at the Draughthouse – “Designer… de Better!” from the OPI Muppet collection (pardon the messy!).

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      Iconic Photos created in Legos – a little old, but it still tickles my fancy.
      Vintage Tesco’s Supermarket – it’s pretty awesome looking at all of this vintage packaging.
      30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself – there’s something for everyone.
      Daft Punk helmets DIY – my clients Rachelle and Stephen were Daft Punk for Halloween. This is an amazing set of tutorials on how to make Daft Punk helmets and gloves.

      Let’s be materialistic for a moment. What were some of your favorite items you got for the holidays? Mine is a tie between my husband getting me a Bluray copy of Pride and Prejudice (1995 BBC mini-series with Colin Firth) which has apparently been remastered for much better video quality than my DVDs, and a Francesca Woodman art book from my mother-in-law. Did you receive anything you absolutely loved?



      Oh! We are wearing matching nailpolish! I’ve got Designer… De Better on my nails, with a few layers of Rainbow Connection over it on my toes. (My secret super sparkly pedicure!)

      I love it too!

      I think I have to find more Muppets Collection polish. I’m loving this color on you & I may have to go find it somewhere! Also – mmm breakfast food. Mmm beer. And lastly – LOVING the personal/life pics. Seriously. seriously. SERIOUSLY. Love!

      That nail polish is amazing! I have a gold by American Apparel, but it’s slightly darker. That shade is kind of just right. :)

      It’s actually a silver foil with tinytinytiny flecks of red/copper in it. I love it. The entire Muppet collection is amazing.