Every year, Christmas sneaks up on me — like it’s the beginning of December and in the blink of an eye it’s Christmas Eve. Why is that? Why isn’t November like that with Thanksgiving, my absolute-favorite holiday of all time?

      This year, we visited Walt’s grandparents in Tulsa with a few other members of the Rinehart clan. Ever the nerd and pragmatic luggage-packer, I decided to shoot with just one lens and think in black & white for most of the trip. Here are snippets of our Christmas trip, taken on a D700 with the 35mm f/2.

      austin weddingscreative portraiture photographymacro wedding photography food shot

      1) Walt’s grandfather; 2) Walt’s younger but taller brother Max (yes, ladies, he is single!); 3) A Fast Eddie’s Burger; 4) catching the game before heading out; 5) eat here, there are good fries.

      6) I’ve never seen a sky like that in Austin. Maybe I just don’t get out enough. Midwest skies, why do you tease me so? 7 & 8) A lesson in exposure with Walt.

      9 – 13) Presents! Presents! Presents!!

      14) Winston (and Christina’s arm); 15) the best Christmas gift ever, given by Walt and myself — Farts Around the World (complete with sound effects)!; 16) Bill’s giant art book; 17 & 18) Walt is a Kindle convert

      19 – 21) Ticket to Ride Europe with Donna, Uncle Todd, Walt, & Max; 22) the evening news with Grandma Diana; 23) Grandpa Bill and Winston

      24) Grandpa Bill’s old Nikon collection. Some of that glass could fit onto my D700 with no problem. 25) Though the 135mm f/2.8 didn’t. 26 & 27) Shots taken with Grandpa Bill’s old 105 mm f/2.8. 28) Freelensing with an old Nikon 50mm f/1.2.

      29) Broken dryer means hanging clothes to dry. 30) Max.

      I hope your holidays were warm, wonderful, and full of cheer :)


      Love that first picture the most. All of them are beautiful though. Gorgeous pictures!

      Thanks for posting this, it’s great to see so many wonderful pictures of the family. Glad y’all had a good time!

      This is a really strong set, Elissa! Great work!!

      It looks like is was a wonderful holiday!