Texas has been serving up some amazing sunsets lately. I’m no meteorologist, so I have no idea how to judge when a good sunset is about to happen, but the other day Walt and I went to his parents’ house for a late lunch and on the way back I could see the clouds setting up for some epic prettiness. So I grabbed my camera and rolled over to Mount Bonnell to experience it while listening to Brood.

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      • It takes a lot to make me watch a Youtube video over 5 minutes long, but this 16-minute video of four Disney artists drawing the same tree in their own style was completely charming. Plus, Mr. Disney himself introduces the segment to us, so you can feel great about a little bit of history there.

      • Austin is working on getting its own cat café and I’m all about this. 

      • My friends and I took this “how well do you know Center Stage?” quiz and I am sad/proud to say that I got 14/14. If you get any lower than 10/14, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore.

      • Hershey’s has basically barred Cadbury’s chocolates from being imported into the US. I’m personally livid that I will not be able to go to Central Market to buy Caramellos anymore. Never mind the fact that I haven’t had a Caramello in years due to my lactose intolerance; I’m still mad about the principle of the thing! (I wrote on Hershey’s Facebook wall about my disappointment and you should, too!)

      • Photography nerds will enjoy this slow-motion video capture of how digital shutters work!

      • If you missed it, I blogged:
      A Zilker Botanical Garden engagement session // a personal post about feeling older because of a simple household purchase

      Novel word count: 9,054

      I know, it’s not a lot. But I did a lot of journalling fleshing out what is going to happen, so I think there was a bit of behind-the-scenes chewing that occurred this week, which means I hope to sail through and write a lot more next week.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


      I got 12 right, and I’m kind of disappointed in myself.

      I don’t mind the concept of a cat cafe (except for my allergies) but I do have some concerns about the cats being “overworked”… Apparently in Singapore or Japan, several cats have died, leading to the closing of one such cafe.

      Yay for progress on the novel!

      And oh man, those sunsets. *swoon* Great shots!

      12 is still very good; we can continue to be friends ;)

      I didn’t know that about the overworked cats; I hope that the owners of the Austin café will be vigilant about their rest time!


      I missed that you were working on a novel! I’m at 2300, which is mostly notes and babbling. :) That Disney video is incredible!!

      I’m so excited that you’re writing too! I can’t wait to see what you end up with (if you do share any, let me know :) )

      Glad to see I’m not the only sunset obsessed! Love it! <3

      Yes! I definitely haven’t been appreciating the pretty Texas skies as much as I should have.