It’s been a… I wouldn’t say slow summer, but it’s been hot, and the Austin wedding scene is not too busy when it’s hot. Hence, not many photos going on around here, and no blog posts. However, there were things to do! People to see! Places to go! Montana was pretty amazing — I mean, I had to wear a jacket in the middle of August, which blows my mind. My new go-to vacation spot :)

      Anyway, this brings me to this post! I’ve been re-evaluating my gear and objects that I appreciate. Somewhere between Los Angeles and home, I lost my prism. I misplaced a pair of specialty earplugs too. I’ve changed up my wedding-wear. So this post is about all the stuff that ISN’T gear that I love. The little stuff that isn’t vital, but makes a big difference to me in getting the job done. Products I love!


      1. Etymotic Earplugs.

      After hanging around in front of speakers every weekend, my ears were ringing when I got home. When I tried normal earplugs — the foam type you stuff into your ears to muffle snores and street noise — they blocked out everything, making it hard to hear DJ announcements or quick requests from guests during the reception. These earplugs siphon off noise in a way that my eardrums aren’t blasted out by the music, even if I’m standing right in front of the speaker to shoot the dancing, but I can hear conversations held at normal volume if I need to. Best $13 you can spend!

      2. Spider Holster.

      For the longest time, I was using a strap system for my camera body. I switched to the Spider Holster earlier this summer after one too many weddings where my shoulder kinked up. You don’t realize how much weight you’re hauling around until you’re trying to recover the next day. I bought the belt and holster system, and I love it (despite how nerdy it makes me look) because the weight of the camera is distributed all along my hips instead of concentrated on one shoulder. The camera clips into a plate and can be released quickly. It took a little while to get used to it, and I am still hyper-aware of how much wider my hips are when squeezing through a small space now, but the relief I feel in my back is pretty extreme.

      3. A Vapur water bladder.

      I fell in love with this as soon as I saw someone carrying it in an airport. It’s genius — a thin sleeve with a screw-off top for filling, and a pop-top for drinking. I think it’s the perfect water bottle for flying, because you can roll it up in your purse to get through security, and then fill it up at a water fountain near your gate. It’s as heavy as the liquid you put into it, so as you hydrate throughout the wedding day it gets lighter (always great for your Shootsac-holding shoulder!) and can clip onto things with the carabiner. I used to carry around a glass Lifefactory bottle everywhere, but all that glass is just added weight. This little BPA-free water tote is perfect, perfect, perfect.

      4. Leggings as pants!

      I know, I resisted the leggings-as-pants trend for the longest time. But I’ve opened my eyes. These UNIQLO pants are thick so they look like slacks, but feel like they have no seams and they breathe well too. Wearing a holster belt with a dress didn’t feel right, so I switched to pants and these are fantastic. Bonus: they’re only $20 a pair and are so flattering! I have them in black for weddings, and in olive, herringbone, purple, and grey for home!

      I hope you enjoyed this little post! Just a note: the 3 links to Amazon are affiliate links. More weddings next week, so stay tuned! :)


      Here’s a photo of me leaning over a wedding guest to take a photo. Oops. Well, my holster looks great. Shot by Caitlin M.


      I should specify that by “leggins” I mean yoga or running pants. They wick moisture are are really comfortable. When you pair them with a dress and boots, no one notices that you’re one step away from wearing sweatpants.

      I switched the the spyder holster earlier this year (I wear mine with a dress over leggings), and my back is SO HAPPY about it!

      Yes!! Plus you look like a badass ;) I will have to try the dress with leggings…