The magic of my trip to Montana started on the plane via Denver to Missoula. I’d invited my best friend since preschool, Cat, to come along with me, but our seats were separated on this part of the journey; our flight started late and it was already dark when we pushed off. I saw her head bobbing down into her sweatshirt a few rows away, and I settled into my window seat to look out into the blue-black sky as we flew. My seat-mates napped; people across the aisle were playing with their iPads, watching movies. I pressed my face up against the window with my sweatshirt over my head to look out at the stars.

      It was the end of the Perseid meteor shower. I caught a streak of light in the distance and thought it was a trick of my tired eyes. But then I saw another and I gasped.

      And in Montana, Cat and I saw so much sky. Everything seemed so… wide. The sky was enormous; the lakes, edged in trees, looked cold. We drove to Glacier National Park and ended up navigating around the side of a mountain, as the temperature dropped 20 degrees and rain lashed at the windshield.

      We saw a glacier, we saw a buffalo. We had cherries plucked from an orchard on their ripest day. On top of the mountain: “We’re in the clouds,” Cat said in amazement.

      The trip was made even more beautiful by the amazing Indian-fusion wedding I was lucky enough to photograph, though those images will be shared later. Right now, here are just some of the photos from our trip to the Big Sky Country.

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