austin wedding photographer

      I’ve mentioned time and time again that I want to be a resource, rather than a hinderance, to the people who hire me. Many of my couples have mentioned in past reviews (or in conversation) that my presence was more like that of a friend than that of a vendor. I’m even friends with couples whose weddings I photographed years ago :) I’ve done it all: snapped pantyhose to garter belts, hugged trembling and anxious brides, offered bobby pins out of my hair, and troubleshot a bunch of inconvenient moments. I’ve also written a ton of tips for clients here on the blog in the hopes that it’ll ease people’s worries.

      It seemed logical for the next step to be a printed “magazine” for my clients to read, instead of being plugged into my site all the time. So that’s what I did.

      austin wedding photographer

      This little booklet, which I’ll be sending to all of my “big wedding” clients for 2014 and 2015, covers a lot:

      • why do engagement sessions
      • best time to schedule an engagement session
      • ideas for locations and clothing
      • the pros of having an unplugged ceremony
      • why first looks are sometimes a good idea
      • how to organize family formals during the day
      • and my favorite — example timelines — to get people to start thinking about the layout of their wedding days

      … all wrapped up with pretty pictures from past wedding clients so that folks can get pumped about all the gorgeous images we’ll be making together.

      I’m very excited about this, and as soon as the big shipment comes in (today!) I’m going to bundle them up and ship them off! Clients, be on the lookout for a pretty package from yours truly!

      austin wedding photographer

      Oh, and I totally ate that raisin bun. Quack’s is delicious.


      This seems like such a fantastic idea, and would certainly help give brides an idea of your thoughts behind a wedding and your style.

      Got mine yesterday! Love the thought you put into making it. And we loved your faux calligraphy :)

      I’ve been meaning to do this forever and these look sooo amazing you may have pushed me over the edge! So awesome!

      What a wonderful idea Elissa. It looks so pretty and I bet your couples will love that extra bit of service from you. Printing things always wins!