Every so often, I send out a feedback form for my clients to complete. It takes about 10 minutes of their time and I always appreciate finding out the reasons why people book me, what I did right, and what I can do better. And sometimes it just seems so sad to let these amazing comments sit hidden away, with only me to see them. So now I receive permission from my awesome clients to share some of the best parts of my wedding photography feedback forms. Here are some of my favorite reviews from some of my late 2012-early 2013 couples.

      (Lest you think I’m pulling only good reviews from the pile — which, in fact, were all positive — I would like to do a little sis-boom-bah! and share that I currently have 13/13 five-star reviews on Yelp (with 3 totally legitimate, yet hidden, five-star-reviews there as well) and 8/8 five-star reviews on Wedding Wire. Ahem.)

      wedding brenizer method

      “We love our photos and they are priceless.”

      “We knew someone from Offbeat Bride would be easy to get along with (and open to alternative ideas if we had any),” wrote Hannah and Brent.

      backyard wedding photographer

      “What Elissa provided for us was so much more than photographs.”

      “From the very first email interactions with her to the day we received our final images, Elissa met and exceeded every expectation. Her attention to detail and level of professionalism gave us a sense of security that she was competent to handle such an important event… Every time we look at those images, we are brought back to our wedding day in a way mere snapshots could not achieve. Elissa was a dream to work with.

      “Our wedding didn’t follow tradition in a lot of ways and we didn’t want to have to hold anyone’s hand through those more unusual aspects. When we saw Elissa’s body of work, we knew she was no stranger to weddings that broke the mold.”  – Jill & Zach.

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      “Elissa’s strongest strength for us was her ability to help us relax and be ourselves in front of the camera.”

      “We chose Elissa for a number of reasons. Not only was she on APW but she was LGBTQ friendly, which was a priority for us in choosing our vendors. After meeting her, we were drawn to pick her because of her awesomely dorky personality and picture quality,”  added Ashley & Sebastian.

      Inn Above Onion Creek wedding // Elissa R Photography

      “Elissa added to our wedding day.”

      “The images and services received from Elissa were truly priceless. The images capture the the day beyond what we could have ever wished for in that she froze moments in time for us to cherish forever and caught glimpses of emotion throughout the late afternoon/evening that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or at least missed by some. She is brilliant and talented with her camera… The day of the event Elissa’s demeanor was very calming and reassuring… Elissa gave us a gift of memories that we will always cherish.” – Laurie & Mike

      Artistic Austin wedding photography // Elissa R Photography

      “She totally understood and captured the romantic vibe of everything.”

      “After meeting with Elissa, we both felt very comfortable with her and I, of course, have faith that anyone who loves a certain BBC romance as much as I do will work well with me. Besides producing some amazing images, I think Elissa’s greatest strength with me was that she was able to take my half-formed ideas and build upon them in a way that turned out well for everyone. I felt like I was saying, “I don’t know — just something pretty?” most of the time, but the images I got back were perfect in a way that I never expected, especially given my poor articulation!

      “I, and the rest of my family, were totally comfortable with Elissa and her assisting photographer on the day. She gave just the right amount of instruction, and was efficient and considerate of our schedule. The results are fantastic.” – Rebecca & Matthew

      In the interest of not going on too much, I just picked some of my favorites. I am so excited to hear from my past couples and I’ll keep striving to do an even better job for my future couples.


      This is what makes doing our job so rewarding I think. The fact that the clients are genuinely happy with the results!