There was an excited energy in the room as Ashley got into her wedding dress. Her bridesmaids helped secure the dress to her as she ate peanut butter M&Ms and breathed in deeply. The December day was unseasonably warm — a high of 85 degrees, which is strange even for Austin. But she was glad because the wedding was outdoors and many of the family members who came in to Central Texas for the big day were from down south, so they were used to warmer temperatures.

      I followed Ashley down to the tree-laden area of Cedar Bend Events, where Sebastian was waiting for her with his back turned for their first look. As soon as they saw each other, they both lit up with soft, beautiful glows. There was no mistaking the wonderful feelings these two had for each other, and that this was going to be an amazing day.

      From the sunset ceremony outside, to the sweet happy first kiss of marriage; their simple but lovely handmade decorations; tacos from One Taco food truck and an assortment of pies and cakes from Quack’s Bakery, and dancing under the twinkle lights on the Cedar Bend patio, this wedding was just amazing. It was my last big wedding of 2012 and when I came home, collapsed in a heap in my chair, and started downloading cards, I knew that I had witnessed and captured something really special.

      I really hope all of you readers love this wedding too. Just a small sprinkling of the energy of Ashley and Sebastian’s wedding can be seen in this post…

      cedar-bend-wedding-photos-01 https://www.elissarphotography.comcedar-bend-wedding-photos-02 https://www.elissarphotography.com cedar-bend-wedding-photos-ceremony https://www.elissarphotography.comhttps://www.elissarphotography.comhttps://www.elissarphotography.comcedar-bend-wedding-photos-15 https://www.elissarphotography.com cedar-bend-wedding-photos-cake cedar-bend-wedding-photos-pie https://www.elissarphotography.comhttps://www.elissarphotography.comhttps://www.elissarphotography.comhttps://www.elissarphotography.comhttps://www.elissarphotography.comhttps://www.elissarphotography.comhttps://www.elissarphotography.com

      Thanks go to Mercedes Morgan for being my second shooter and providing a few of the images seen here.


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