Some days, you just want to tell people (including yourself, perhaps) that weddings aren’t just about us, the photographers. It’s about two people who are in love and want to hire us for our work.

      A wedding is not just about what best shot we can take for ourselves to feed our creative side — it’s also the best shot that the clients would like to have.

      A wedding featured on a blog should not be announced as, “Look, I’m on Wedding Blog today!” You’re not on the blog… it’s not about us; it should be “Look, Couple’s Wedding was featured here!” Because as much as I know we love to take credit for our sweat, strain, and mental gymnastics to get those amazing photos, the photos are showcasing the couple’s vision and planning (even if they used various vendors as extensions of their thoughts to carry out their ideas).

      And I also feel that, hypocritically (since I’m writing this), being in this particular profession isn’t about looking at what others are doing or grumbling about the “state of the industry,” but about working on your own craft, your business, your marketing, or yourself — because people usually aren’t just hiring your photos, they’re hiring you. Pardon the use of the [fabulous] movie Center Stage, but the moment when Eva is gently lectured by her dance teacher that her problem isn’t the director, it’s the barre, reminds me of this.

      Maybe I’m lecturing no one; maybe I’m lecturing myself. It’s easy to get caught up in the ego side of the business… but as a wise man once said, there are no rockstar photographers. If you wanna be famous, go star on reality TV.

      * * *

      I’m sad to say that my video from yesterday showcasing the items I bring to weddings is now out of date. At 4pm, this beauty arrived on my doorstep. Out with the Kenko tube and in with the dedicated macro lens!

      60mm f/2.8 D

      Here’s a photo I took of my computer screen, from Connie and John’s engagement session (for the full session that I blogged earlier this week, click here.)macro shot of computer screen

      And I tried taking photos of rings. Before, with the Kenko tube, this shot would have been close to impossible… I could never get this far away (seriously, the Kenko would be a quarter of an inch away from the rings, so they almost always had to be stacked). I’m excited to play with this lens a little more! (The rings are: my Catbird heart ring, my wedding ring, and Walt’s wedding ring.)our wedding rings shot with a macro

      And because Fridays wouldn’t be the same without it, nail polish is “Sand Tropez” by Essie. I’ve been lusting after this color for a while and finally decided to go out and get it. It’s an amazing neutral shade. Loooove!sand tropez by essie on hands

      I hope you have a happy Friday and a great weekend!


      @Kandise and @Elissa I just want to add that while I totally agree that the photographer should get 100% credit for taking beautiful pictures, I think Elissa was just trying to remind everyone that this is someone’s wedding day and that’s super important.

      I’ve tried really hard to give Elissa as much credit and exposure as possible because I love her and she did a great job on our photos, but I would be really hurt to see the most important pictures I have of one of the biggest and best days of my life phrased as all hers and not mine at all. They’re both of ours. (Obviously the copyright is hers though!)

      By using the language she does, Elissa has always made me feel like we were her top priority and that the photos were there to showcase US, not the other way around. That feeling is absolutely why we ditched the first photographer we hired so we could hire her instead and why we have hired her again since then. I think it’s a small but very important difference.

      This post is just yet another reason why we’re SO looking forward to you shooting our wedding!

      Oh, and LOVE the Center Stage reference :)

      Yesssssss. Thank you. Love this post, and love that lens AND polish! I want that polish! I need the perfect fall neutral and that may just be it!

      Eh, I think I should be allowed to take credit for my work getting featured. The vision and execution of the couple and of the photographer are two different things. And they’re not the ones submitting and getting rejection letters. ;) I do agree that weddings are not all about me or even a bit about me, but on the flip slide, why are they hiring the conceptual me if not for skill, vision, and track record? You don’t get anywhere in business by not taking credit for your work. ;) Of course now that I’ve gone back and looked, I do typically just say A&B were on C.

      You write the blog posts that make me type lots.

      @Kandise (I know I responded briefly on twitter, but also thought that the conversation could continue on this page) – I’m with you on the submissions/rejections bit, and that the photographer’s competence and attention to detail are both really important in actually securing a blog or print feature, but it rankles me when the announcement is all about the photographer. “I’m on Z!” No, you’re not on Z. Your work is on Z but your clients’ faces are on Z. And while I understand why we submit to blogs (good for SEO, brand recognition, drive traffic to our sites, and all that fun stuff), I’m of the mind that it should also serve our clients’ interests as well. Every time I’ve told a client that their wedding or session is going to be featured somewhere, it’s a huge compliment to them, and I’d rather not make it all about me. What we say and how we say it influences how people view us. Even if the meaning behind “I’m on Z!” is “Look at my awesome couples and my great work,” I feel that people would see it just as “I’m on Z! It’s about me!” By announcing that the couple is on Z, you’re still taking credit for your work, but you’re also stepping back and being humble, acknowledging that the photos represent something bigger than just your business. I hope that made sense. I know we’re on a similar side here so I suppose I’m clarifying my remarks. My original post was much longer but I cut it for brevity.

      This post is an excellent example of both why I look up to you and why I keep hiring you :) As I have gotten more into the photography industry, I have been really shocked and saddened to see the attitude you’re talking about and I feel really lucky that I was spared that experience as a bride.

      Also yessssss Sand Tropez! It looks so good with your skin tone!

      Also yessssss macro lens! Did you get your wedding band on Etsy? It’s so pretty.

      Yay! hello friday! hello macro! hello humility! helloooooo beautiful nude polish!

      Elissa, you are so right about all of that. It’s such a good reality check for photographers. And I really want that 60mm! My macro is the 105mm, and while I love it, it is such a beast – and pretty much impossible to use in low light. I can’t wait to see what you do with the 60mm.

      1. good points all around. I think we all need a reminder of that.
      2. YAYAYAYAYAY for macro!!
      3. love that nail polish color :-D