I’ve been itching to make a video for the past few weeks, and finally did it! This is my first time sharing through Vimeo, so I hope it works.

      I’ve posted about what I have in my bag before, but that was about a year ago… things change, tastes change, upgrades happen, so… here’s a new update of what I bring to every wedding, and a little bit about what I bring to engagement sessions as well!

      Feel free to leave comments or questions (I tried to keep the video as brief as possible). I was using a very rudimentary video set-up (I’m not a video person by any means) so I apologize for some of the muffled sound.

      What’s in my bag from Elissa R on Vimeo.


      Been following your blog for a while and love your work. I shoot Nikon as well and I am always fascinated by what tools another photographer uses and how they use it. Greta post! Thanks for sharing

      Love it! It’s so interesting to see what all goes in to your bag when getting ready for a wedding. Thanks for sharing!

      Super professional. :) I like your dress. And I feel more informed about Nikon stuff now.