I fell off the Friday post bandwagon, but I’m back this week to share a few pretty things to liven up your day.

      nail polish gradient with two colors

      Gradient nail polish! I learned how to do this before, but all prior attempts looked pretty terrible. This one is my most successful one to date — “Agro” at the base, and “Harvest Moon” towards the tips. (Both colors are from the Hunger Games collection by China Glaze.)

      miniature muffins

      Mini muffins! Whenever we have really gross bananas in our house — which doesn’t happen often, as Walt and I both love our bananas… but sometimes we just don’t eat them all and they slowly go brown — I make banana bread with the oozy ones. My grandma gave me the recipe and it’s the best ever (maybe I’m biased). But because they’re made with butter (and my stomach hates me when I eat dairy) I can’t eat many. I try to pawn them off on friends or Walt’s coworkers. Who would say no to homemade banana bread, really?!

      austin wedding photographer

      Albums! Angelica and Christopher ordered a beautiful black leather album with a cameo photo cutout and embossing. It is gorgeous. I had a hard time parting with it :)


      If you missed it, Nola and David’s wedding at Kali Kate was posted on Tuesday, and yesterday I posted about my experience (and thoughts) of having my own photograph taken.

      I hope you have a lovely weekend!