Glimpses of my week – 

      THE BEST lactose-free ice cream ever (coconut milk ice cream!) & a random old jug of beer – father-in-law Bill’s German chocolate birthday cake – my sister’s boyfriend tasting the weird old beer – kitty love & Pow’s sad little shaved leg after his stint at the vet – OPI’s “Warm & Fozzie” from the Muppet Collection!

      Blog posts that you may have missed this week – 
      Best of 2011 Weddings: Receptions!
      5 frames from the Menil with Rose
      Branding: What is this symbol?

      Elsewhere –
      Practical Ryan Gosling will tell you how to plan your wedding, practically (a new spin on the old meme)
      2 great posts from Lowbrow EventsBridezillas & How to Remotely Plan Your Wedding
      Maps of all the settings in Jane Austen’s books – Pretty awesome if you love Pride and Prejudice as I do, but you have terrible geographical sense
      An awesome flash mob – for good (hat tip: Kate)

      Happy Friday!


      That beer must be terrible, huh? His face is hilarious! And you’re making me want to go buy the entire Muppet’s collection!

      Oooh, love the nail polish color. And from one Jane Austen junkie to another – thanks for the maps. Have you seen the coffee table annotated version of P&P? It is gorgeous!

      Hmm no I haven’t seen or even heard of this coffee table annotated version of P&P, but now I must look for it. Thanks for the tip!

      Ha! Well then I’ll let it slide… this time… ;)

      Despite the fact that even I find it a bit much and don’t especially like it, my Canadianness is forcing me to judge you for calling La Trappe a “random old jug of beer” :P Did you like it?

      Well, it was ACTUALLY a random old jug of beer. It had expired in 1994. It was also flat. I’m not sure where it came from but it appeared at the birthday party and Walt decided to try it despite the fact that it was so out of date. He and Robby (my sister’s boyfriend) each took a sip and then dumped it. So… I’m sure it could have been tasty had it not been expired for 17 years…