Glimpses of my week – 

      Spending time in the Houston Museum District with the beautiful Rose (more of her next week) – all the delicious goodies at The Chocolate Bar (we shared a giant chocolate-chip cookie and I had a baby cupcake, which was actually dense/fudgey and not cakey – a cheese-free pizza from Capone’s – me, with my sister’s applehead Chihuahua – a photo of me taken by Rose – Nicki Minaj’s “Fly” by OPI nail polish.

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      Elsewhere –
      Should I Book a Professional Wedding Photographer? – a great post on Rock N Roll Bride. If you can’t afford a pro photographer, these tips will help you with the student photographer that you may hire. (hat tip: Jocelyn)
      A Conceptual Typewriter Types Colors – love this (via Boingboing)
      Lord of the Rings manicure – the one ring, on ALL of your fingers! So nerdily awesome. (hat tip: Emily M.)

      This has been a very weird week. I went to Houston over the weekend to spend time with my family and to shoot a bridal session (hooray!) and ate my weight in chocolate and pizza. Since becoming lactose-intolerant I haven’t eaten a real pizza in what feels like decades. My sister’s restaurant makes the best cheeseless pizzas, and she brought one over for me. Delicious.

      On the sad news front, our cat Powerfist has been sick lately, and tonight (I write this on Thursday evening) is in an overnight clinic getting tests done to see what is wrong with his health. The poor dear hates the vet so I can’t even imagine how upset he is right now. I hope that we figure out whatever is ailing him and he will come home happy and healthy.


      All of those sweets look so delicious! MMMMMMMM

      You just made me SO HUNGRY first thing in the morning for all the things in the pictures!!! OMNOMNOM…

      Also – like I said before – happy & healing thoughts going out to Powerfist!! Hoping they can fix whatever is up and that he is healthy asap! xoxo