Glimpses of my week – 

      The 2nd week of January: biting the heads off of chocolate-stuffed koala biscuits – chillin’ with Miss Emilia Jane at Manuel’s while she was in town for a wedding – a large bread pudding with chocolate sauce – Scout sleeps in really uncomfortable-looking positions – a ton of glitter to cheer up my nails (Essie’s Midnight Cami blue and two coats of Essie’s Set in Stones on top, both gifts from Christy Tyler!).

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      Mrs. Mole drawings – read the story; it is amazing and sweet (hat tip: Lauren)
      Working for Yourself: One Year by Meg of APW – I always learn (or re-learn, as I forget things) life lessons when reading her Working for Yourself posts
      Hong Kong in infrared

      Happy weekend!


      Scout looks fat and mad! THe nail polish is awesome.

      I remember those Koala things! So tasty! I didn’t know they still made them! Also – Em is so cute. And I’m loving the nail polish (if I do say so myself). ;-)

      Koala no Maachi (Koala’s March) is I think a traditionally Japanese treat, so when I bought all those Japanese treats last week for New Year’s I got a box of Koala cookies out of nostalgia. :) Lotte still makes them!

      I love those koala cookies!

      I remember those chocolate stuffed koala biscuits from my childhood! I didn’t know they still made them. Aw.

      Aw yay!!!!!! It was so good to see you again!!