I’m not usually one for long blog posts, so when I started compiling my “best of” (aka my favorite) shots from 2011 weddings, I found that the post was getting a little big! No worries; I just separated them into different posts! :)

      So here is part 1 of my 2011 wedding recap: getting ready and detail shots, in no particular order!

      The time when the wedding party gets ready for the big day is one of my favorite times. I remember getting ready with my bridesmaids, relaxing and giggling, trying to figure out how to apply false eyelashes, and making last-minute veil decisions… so I enjoy my time with the bride and her crew before the serious stuff gets underway.


      I love looking at the getting ready pictures! For me, it was such a surreal feeling to finally be putting that dress on. Also, I noticed that in one of the makeup-ing pictures, the bride is getting her Mary Kay on. As the daughter of a longtime Mary Kay director, this makes me all warm and fuzzy!

      Ahhh love so many. The one of Rachelle in front of the portrait of a woman is one of my all-time favorites. Also love love love the buttoning up of the lace dress (partially because I want that dress!)… and the fish crap. yes! the fish crap! haha :)

      I love reading everyone’s end of the year wrap up! Gorgeous work, as always. Everytime I see that photo of Rachelle getting her makeup done next to that picture (painting?) of the woman’s face, I am blown away. I love that.

      I love all pictures!! They are so beautiful , great memories for the bride! Love love love it!