It’s FRIDAY! Let’s see… nails are I Vant to be a Lone Star by OPI. It’s such an awesome shade… blueish and greyish and whiteish and creamy! I bought more copies of A Practical Wedding, the book, with my new Amazon Prime account. I don’t know why it took me so long to sign up for Prime… being able to check out books for Kindle ALONE is worth the convenience, probably. I will save so much on shipping! And FINALLY *drum roll* I have a new lens… the Nikon 35 1.4G. I’m so excited!!

      This conversation actually happened with Walt:

      Me: Walt, I’m so excited! FedEx is delivering my new lens today!
      Walt: Don’t you have lenses already?
      Me: Yes…
      Walt: And they all work? You need more?

      …Walt does not understand!

      Meanwhile, a conversation with my father, another shutterbug, went like this:

      Me: Dad, I ordered the Nikon 35G.
      Dad: Oooooh!!!!!!
      Me: I’ll let you hold it when I’m in Houston next time.
      Dad: Just hold it?!!

      …Dad understands!

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      Hooray, features!
      Diana and Michael’s crafty DIY wedding was featured on Wedding Chicks — see the feature here!
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      Oh and this is a must-read for any creative professional. Thank you, Meg.

      This weekend I’ll be shooting a really sweet garden wedding in the heart of Austin. I’m so excited! I hope everyone has a lovely Friday!


      Congrats on the new lens! We just picked up an 85/1.8 and will be using it on a wedding this weekend : D

      Yay! Happy week :-D Love that nail polish color!!

      haha! I love the dichotomy between Walt and your dad over the lens. Too funny! :) Also – I’ve been wanting to buy that color for a while but wasn’t sure how it would look. I LOVE it on you though! I may have to reconsider… :)