I’m going to be greedy. I am. I have oodles of amazing weddings coming up with awesome couples, and I still want more.

      The thing about wedding photography is, people contact you and tell you about all the amazing ideas they have for their weddings. They might meet up with you to talk about their photography needs and more about their stories, how they met, and all the wonderful plans they have for their wedding day… and then — nature of the beast — some of these amazing people don’t book you. They find someone else.

      It’s not a terrible thing, because I’m one of those hippie-dippie people who thinks, “It’s for the best. They found a better match with another photographer,” and I don’t consider it a slight on my portfolio or my personality. But I do feel let down that I’m not going to be a part of their amazing celebrations, with all their beautiful personal touches.

      So this is my wish list. If you are engaged, don’t have a photographer, and are planning one or more of these… I want in.

      • a wedding with a piñata (yeah, I’m glad this is the first one on the list, too)
      • a morning wedding (like, vows at sunrise)
      • a wedding that serves breakfast (either because it’s breakfast for dinner, or because you just had a sunrise wedding!)
      • a reception in an aquarium
      • a groom in dress blues
      • a wedding dress in any unconventional color
      • if you’ve got pink hair, I need to photograph your wedding

      including a solar eclipse in an engagement pictureIf you’re getting married at any of these Austin- or Texas-area venues, let’s talk:

      • Wild Onion Ranch – it’s beautiful and I’ve assisted at a wedding here, and would really like to revisit it.
      • Hummingbird House – I shot my first wedding here and loved it so much, I’d love to go back!
      • Laguna Gloria – because it’s beautiful and I’ve never had the chance!
      • Three Points Ranch – I’ve only heard (and seen) beautiful things about this venue, so it’s definitely on my list.

      So this is me putting my wishes out into the universe… I’d love to include any or all of these beautiful ideas. Let’s talk! :)

      Image above is from last weekend’s engagement session with Isabelle and Jonathan (coming soon). It was the night of the partial solar eclipse, if you can see the bite taken out of the sun in the background. This was the only shot I got before it disappeared behind a building.


      +1 on sunrise vows…

      This summer I’m doing one in an aquarium. After that, I just need to get one that serves breakfast to complete your list :) One that I need to make happen, is a midnight wedding under moonlight ~ maybe headlamps.

      Nice! I love this list! It makes me think about my dream weddings too, haha.

      I photographed a wedding with a pinata once, but the pinata hitting fun was outdoors late at night… oof, that was hard!

      This is such a smart idea – putting your photography wishlist out into the world. I did that a year and a half ago or so, and I think I’ve crossed off just about every place that was on my list because of it. It works! Bet you’ll have a new wishlist in a year or so because you’ll get to cross all these off!

      *adds a wedding in DE/MD/PA to your list*

      because someday…someday i will have one. :)