Glimpses of my week – 

      New Year’s week: a really awful Thai food experience (but I read some of a good book, given to me by my brother-in-law Max) – I’m a cat lady and WILL share photos of Powerfist in a grocery bag – Thai food re-do (YUMMMM) – a bunch of Japanese okashi (treats) that I am planning on systematically attacking this next week – a mitarashi dango (a rice dumpling with soy sauce glaze, left) and a dorayaki (sweet bread with red bean paste inside, right) – “Designer… de better!” with Black Shatter on top (both OPI) – Powerfist again – the sweet cards (and nail polishes!!!) I got from clients and friends!

      The mail this week was very kind. My kindred spirit in Chicago, Christy Tyler, sent me those nail polishes with a sweet card! I can’t wait to try on that dark blue polish, mmmm. Plus that big card is from Miss Emilia Jane, who is actually going to visit this weekend if we can get our schedules to align! My awesome client and friend Polly sent us a Christmas card! I love good mail days.

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      Hannah & Brent’s Arboretum Engagement Session + their Food Fight Engagement Session
      The A Practical Wedding BOOK Winner (plus a video of me being really awkward)

      Lauren and Jared – a Wordless Wedding – I’ve shown this wedding on this blog already, buuuut it was featured on A Practical Wedding this week! :)
      This is what happens when you give thousands of stickers to thousands of kids – a really awesome art installation in Queensland (hat tip: Cole)
      Planning a Blueprint for the New Year on Design * Sponge – for business ladies, but it’s a great read for anyone with goals (hat tip: Kandise)
      Wedding Primer: Engagement Rings by Lowbrow Events – if you ever wondered where the engagement ring tradition came from…
      Tim and Amy: A Wedding in Reverse – a video that is beautiful, made by Velare Imaginarium (hat tip: Meg)
      The Illustrated Man – an amazing jazz musician I’ve known from my high school days, Joe Santa Maria, created this new jazz record. Buy it! It’s only $10.


      I care! I love your nail polish in these photos. And I love photos of cats. Are those nail polishes Christy sent you Essies? I have a RED essie I’m bringing with me to the nail salon today.

      Good eye, Emily! They *are* Essies! I’ve never owned an Essie polish before…