A few weeks ago, I hosted a giveaway for the new A Practical Wedding book. Well, I drew names out of a hat — literally — at 12:09 this morning and I’m pleased to announce the winners!

      Winners, you say? Indeed. I intended to give only ONE book away, but one of my amazing clients for this spring, Emily, bought the book on Book Buy Day, so she said I could give away the copy I had set aside for her. What a sweetheart, right?!

      The lucky winner of A Practical Wedding ANNNNND a surprise copy of Offbeat Bride is Laura!

      The second winner of the A Practical Wedding book is Megan!

      Thanks so much for playing. Feel free to watch this 2-minute video of me awkwardly picking names out of a hat at a quarter past twelve in the morning while wearing shorts in the wintertime. Pardon my lack of makeup; I’m ready for bed.