It’s a rare Wednesday post here on the blog, and I have to thank Downton Abbey for the inspiration. I’m a huge fan like so many others (a pilot episode that talks of entail and the Titanic? I’m not sure if any other Austen-loving lady born in the 1980s could resist!) and when I saw certain wedding clothes pop up onto the internet I had to take a closer look. I won’t mention whose wedding it is, in case some of you are still on the earlier seasons and don’t want to be spoiled, but be aware that season 3 spoilers appear after the jump!

      Because, my friends, season 3 starts off in 1920, and the wedding gown in question is in beautiful 1920s style. I really hope that Downton Abbey is as popular as I think it is (maybe I’m just surrounded by fans, and 98% of the real world doesn’t care about it) because I want ’20s fashion to make a resurgence in the wedding fashion world.

      Let’s look at the outfit, after the cut. Again, spoilers for season 3!

      mary crawley wedding dressmary and matthew crawleyveil from 1920s wedding downton abbey

      I am absolutely in love with the entire look. The long cathedral veil. The slim silhouette of the dress. Long sleeves! Mary’s long hair is done up in finger curls. Her leaf tiara.

      (Is this surprising, considering that a lot of my own wedding inspiration was taken from the 20s and 30s, and my wedding dress was a 1930s glamour gown with straps and an open back?)

      1930s glamour wedding gown

      Photos of my wedding by Nessa K

      I’m not really one to gush over wedding dresses — I love seeing wedding dresses, and it’s always a huge treat when my clients send me a few photos of their outfit so I can start to visualize what sorts of photos we can take to complement the style they’re going for — but this outfit is so lovely. I know I didn’t wear sleeves on my gown, but it’s also because sleeved gowns are so hard to find nowadays. It would be amazing if people took note from Duchess Kate’s wedding dress and Mary Crawley’s wedding outfit and brought back some of this style back… give the ladies nowadays some more variety to choose from.

      Readers, what is a style you wish the wedding fashion world would make popular again?


      Okay, def obsessed with Downton Abbey…. like super amazeballs obsessed and love love love that you posted these pictures. I love Mary’s veil and tiara and hair, and I really love her dress except for the front loose look which I know was very 20’s but I just feel it’s unflattering. But the sleeves… the SLEEVES! Love. I really really love Kate Middleton’s dress with sleeves and even considered sleeves myself (on a long dress) before I went tea-length. I just love the wedding style for this 20’s wedding and I’m so happy they’re getting married!!! Okay nerd here. :-)

      Liz, you are so adorable. And yes!! I can’t wait for more Downton!!! It’s silly that America has to wait until January for it..!!

      I am OBSESSED with that dress!!! Gah I’m right there with you hoping that style comes back into fashion

      I don’t want to wait until January! Waaaah.

      I would love to see this style come back. It is just so gorgeous. I really thought I’d see more gowns with sleeves this year after Will & Kate’s wedding – (we’re on a first name basis) – but I really haven’t.

      What I really love about her look is the VEIL. And that little tiara. More than the sleeves, that was what I was hoping Kate was going to bring into fashion. I just love that look.

      Based on the 5-6 weddings I’ve attended recently, people seem to be moving away from veils, at least among my friends. My veil was one of my favorite things! I also really love the mantilla style that was popular for a while but Stephen thought they looked weird haha.