A few weeks ago, I hosted a giveaway for the new A Practical Wedding planner. I meant to have this drawing earlier, but… fun announcement: Walt and I bought a house and life sort of got interrupted by the whole closing/painting/packing/moving/unpacking process, so I am finally in a place where my office isn’t all in boxes and I can do a drawing!

      Since it took me four hours to find printer paper yesterday, I’m not even going to try to look for a pair of scissors to cut up a paper for the drawing. Random.org to the rescue, and the winner is…

      Screen Shot 2016 02 11 at 2 06 03 PM

      #3 is Kate, whose sister just started planning a wedding. Kate, I’ll be emailing you!


      Back to my previous, uh, subtly-dropped conversation-starter. House! Yes, Walt and I bought an honest-to-goodness, has a roof and walls and even a garage, house in Austin. Our last place was a rental and while the location was great (walking distance to an HEB, library, and USPS office in the same block), everything else about it was… adequate. I’m not going to knock it too much, but there wasn’t much natural light and that is always a bummer to a photographer (or any human, really).

      So we finally saved up, found a realtor, got all our ducks in a row, and of course Walt fell in love with the third house we toured — or, more specifically, he fell in love with the backyard. Trees, not all on the same level, a roof over the patio and a recently-constructed deck. It was represented poorly in the MLS database, with iPhone photos, and the owners had painted the entire interior a dark avocado-skin green. We walked in and it was like a pit, but the size and layout was great; the kitchen and floors had been updated, too. Walt convinced me that we needed to buy it.

      Once we finally got the place, and converted the avocado green to an ultra-light mint, the entire space brightened up! I’ll probably share more photos later, but here are some phone shots of our progress! (We were in the thick of packing and I did not want to bring my camera rig to paint! ha!)

      new house1

      Walt, the master of his domain

      new house2

      the old green (bad iphone photo)

      new house3

      changing the green!

      new house4

      the same living room walls, just minty instead!