This blog has been, for the most part, weddings-weddings-weddings for the past few months. On the one hand, I love it! It’s why the blog exists, after all — to show the beautiful personalities and days of some of my favorite new people — but on the other hand it’s been missing that oh-so-irresistible charm of Personal Overshares, which I haven’t done in a while.

      The season is slowing down (actually, save for a few sessions here and there, it’s at the stopping point until the spring) so the blog is going to have a few more personal touches now. And what is a blog without silly photos of your favorite wedding photographer (hint: that’s me!) behind the scenes?!

      Since our last behind the scenes post in September, this is what I’ve been up to…

      creeping wedding photographer

      Creeping during toasts…

      gesturing wedding photographer

      Gesturing to wedding parties…

      little chair elissa

      Sitting in tiny chairs meant for children…

      driskill couch photographer

      And also posing with teensy couches and armchairs… (could I just point out my crazy eyes in this photo? I think I’m just REALLY excited about the tiny chairs!)

      graceful wedding photographer

      Dropping my camera on grass (oh so gracefully)…

      light testing wedding photographer

      Being the light-test subject for my 2nd shooter…

      new years wedding photographer

      Counting down to midnight with dancing, rocking people!

      reception shooting wedding photographer

      Showing off my gunzzz…

      silly austin wedding photographer

      Oh yeah, and dancing with invisible people :)

      Thanks to Caitlin, Cassie, Mercedes, and Kelly for these photos! 


      I love your dress! And also the tiny furniture.

      You’re adorable! And I would have the same excitement over tiny chairs! Haha

      My favorite picture of you behind the scenes will always be of the “bump” and “grind” that happened at my wedding. Cracks me up every time it comes across my desktop pictures!

      Why are you surrounded by tiny furniture everywhere you go?? Haha. Also you are adorable.

      It’s not well-known yet, but I’m actually a giant! :)