Chieko & Robby | Puerto Vallarta Day-Of Session

puerto vallarta wedding

I’d never been to Mexico before, but the light in Puerto Vallarta was so amazing, and the beach at the Dreams resort was so gorgeous, that it made my already-beautiful sister and her handsome husband ridiculously easy to photograph. I did not shoot their ceremony, their reception, their cake, or their decorations. As the maid of honor, I watched Chieko walk down the aisle on our father’s arm, and watched Robby’s face shine as he recited his vows. We shot their day-of session in the thirty minutes between ceremony and dinner as the sun began to set. It was lovely and wonderful and I’m really happy for them :)

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  1. These are so gorgeous – I especially love the 3rd from the bottom.

  2. So so so so so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful!! Awesome job, as always :) So glad that you got to enjoy more than work.

  4. Yaaaaaaaay! Such a ridiculously beautiful session, and the new website looks so, so good, Elissa! :)

  5. Ridiculous gorgeous session!! Amazing job, Elissa and congrats to your sister!!

  6. These are absolutely stunning – beautiful work. Congrats to your sister!

    Also, this is my first time seeing the new site – love it!

  7. Stunning sunset and couple!

  8. SO beautiful! You did such a lovely job. Congrats to them! <3

  9. Beautiful shots! And agreed: light is pretty.

  10. Yes please to this! Beautiful. I’d love to have seen more, though!

  11. I am just in love with that first shot. Great work Elissa!

  12. I love that first one!

  13. Ok, so after I saw the 1st photos and wondered if you somehow shot your own wedding, I went and read the top and discovered it’s your sister. :) Beautiful job – that’s got to be insane pressure. I really love the silhouette!

  14. Beautiful, I just love sut set light.

  15. Amazing…the first frame is the bee’s knees!

  16. Wow, love the location, and the sunset shot is perfect.

  17. Absolutely beautiful. Such great work.

  18. Good grief these are stunning Elissa!

  19. very lovely! what a dream to shoot such a beautiful couple in such an amazing location. so beautiful from start to finish.

  20. Love that last shot! Beautiful and romantic.

  21. Naaaawwwww so beautiful! I love that you got to enjoy your sister’s wedding day without having to work, but that you also got some beautiful photos as well.

  22. Ooooh la la!

  23. Beautiful as always, Elissa :)

  24. Wonderful! Especially love the 1st one!

  25. I loooooove the first image and the one with their eyes closed especially. You captured the way it FEELS to be in Puerto Vallarta somehow and now I want to go back terribly! These are just stunning.

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