It’s true. I love them. I think having your wedding photos in print, in an heirloom-quality book, is one of the best feelings ever. I should know — I went almost 3 years without my own and when I finally got my album in my grubby little paws I was elated.

      Which is why I decided to ask Liz and Steven if they wouldn’t mind being photographed seeing their album for the first time. They happily obliged! And since this is a Big Deal, I brought over some champagne. It was amazingly gratifying to witness their reactions :)

      austin-wedding-album-001 austin-wedding-album-056austin-wedding-album-007 austin-wedding-album-008 austin-wedding-album-010austin-wedding-album-011 austin-wedding-album-012 austin-wedding-album-013 austin-wedding-album-015 austin-wedding-album-016 austin-wedding-album-017

      Steven’s such a joker.

      austin-wedding-album-018 austin-wedding-album-019 austin-wedding-album-020

      To view more information about albums, click here.

      To see Liz and Steven’s wedding blog post, click here.


      can you plz say what is the album size shown above.

      Hi Murtaza, the album shown above is 10×10 inches.

      Really cute and funny. Nice Work

      That is so awesome! I want album unboxing photos to be the new thing … more fun than camera unboxing!

      Also, perfect bow placement is perfect. :)

      Wonderful idea. Looks like a great looking album.

      :-D Soooooo fun and of course the album is one-hundred percent gorgeous.

      I actually have to admit I showed it later that night to a friend and realized as she and I were going through it the pictures in the album held even deeper meaning and discoveries than before. I saw it with fresh eyes and I really saw how REAL the pictures and objects in them look and how much it evokes the feeling of the day.

      LOVE IT!