Three years ago today, I married my wonderful husband Walt. It was a beautiful cold October day, bookended by two weekends of non-stop pouring rain — but on our wedding day it was overcast, chilly, and pretty much perfect. We got married underneath a tree in my in-laws’ backyard and had a toast-making competition in lieu of dancing.

      We hired an amazing photographer, Nessa K, to capture our wedding for us. Sadly, we didn’t get a real album until this year. The cobbler’s son has no shoes, and all that.

      9x12 horizontal wedding album

      I do a lot of album design for my clients, and I always pre-design for them because I know how big of an initial hurdle it is to pick the images that go into the wedding album. It took 2.5 years for me to finally put aside bias, pick meaningful and intimate images from our wedding, and to get that album printed.

      All images in the album are by Nessa K; the image above (of me holding the album) is by Eric Kotara.

      Our wedding album from Elissa R on Vimeo.

      Happy anniversary, Walter!


      Happy anniversary!!! Can’t wait to see your new anniversary session photos! Also, new goal: we will have a wedding album by our 4th anniversary in May.

      Yay anniversaries and yay albums! I still really love that picture where you’re making a stink face in the mirror while getting bride-ified :)

      Happy Anniversary!!! I’m so happy you have an album now :-D I should *really* make ours.

      Happy Anniversary! I hope you guys have a really fantastic day.

      Okay so I know I’ve seen these pictures before, but I have to say they look amazingly different and extremely beautiful the way you’ve laid them out in the album. Now I see what you mean by we need to get one. :-)