I went on a little adventure this week to a ghost town. It’s right on the outskirts of Austin and I’d heard about it before but never made the trek. I took a few photos but would really like to go back with a couple and do an engagement session there, or maybe even an offbeat bridal session…

      Interested? Email me!

      ghost town photos 1 ghost town photos 6ghost town photos 4ghost town photos 7 ghost town photos 3ghost town photos 2ghost town photos 5

      And for the nail aficionados, this week I’ve been sporting some Zoya. This shade is Zuza.

      Zoya Zuza metallic

      In case you missed it this week…
      Jill and Zach’s amazing backyard wedding was on the blog! 
      Plus, Working for Yourself: Month 6. Owning It.

      I hope everyone has a great weekend!


      Much like Tina Fey’s daughter Alice, I WANT TO GO THERE.

      Oh man. Your high school self would have loved those flaking paint walls! Where is this? I’ve never heard of it! And why is it abandoned?

      @Becca – Right? It’s called J Lorraine and from what I understand, it’s not a real abandoned town at all… just one man’s creative project. I think of it as a life-sized art installation.