One of the best/worst things I ever did in regards to the holiday season last year was wait until December 19th before I started doing my shopping. I’ve never been big into Christmas except for when I was small and still believed in Santa Claus — a falsehood that my sister revealed to me one year, and when I argued with her she made me stay up with her all night to catch our parents put gifts into our stockings… after that truth was exposed, Christmas kinda fell away — so I’m pretty terrible at getting gifts for people. I end up scouring Black Friday sales and not buying anything; then rushing weeks later to get the things that I could’ve bought for half-price. C’est la vie.

      So this gift guide is the stuff that’s caught my eye now, and is probably too late to order before Christmas day, but who cares? The point of gift guides is really to see what people like, isn’t it?

      Presenting… gift guides for procrastinators! Ha! If you’re a local Austinite, you can purchase some items locally. Amazon Prime can take care of quick shipping for a lot of the others!

      For your bestie, lady friend, (or, cough, if you’re anything like me… for yourself):

      gift guide 2013

      Clockwise from left:
      1. laser-etched wood triangle pendant on a brass necklace from Diamonds are Evil, $38 (Austin local: found at Parts & Labour on SoCo)
      2. etched and hand-painted 2GB walnut wood flash drive from Son of a Sailor, $32 (also found at P&L)
      3. Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Fiery, the perfect red, $22 at Ulta (recently bought this myself and it stays forever — LOVE!)
      4. Out of Print clothing’s Pride and Prejudice sweatshirt: keep her cozy with her favorite book in fleece form, $42 (I have the P&P shirt from here and it’s sooo soft)
      5. chocolate ladybugs from John and Kira’s, $29 for 9 pieces (perishable so it ships quickly!)
      6. small ceramic compost bin for the lady who wants to reduce her carbon footprint, $25 at Amazon
      7. awesome Art Deco shower curtain, $36 at Modcloth
      8. a copy of a good book, like The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak, starting at $4.99

      For the camera-oriented folks who are looking for a lark or a laugh:

      gift guide 2013

      Assuming that you don’t want to buy your beloved a brand-new Nikon DF (ahem), here are some more palatable options for the photobugs in your family. Clockwise from left:

      1. glass Diana lens for DSLRs (all you need now are some genuine light leaks — and knowing if your giftee shoots Canon or Nikon), $60 at Photojojo
      2. Canon’s EOS M compact camera with the fixed 22mm lens
      3. an adorable PINK Fuji Instax — don’t forget the film too! $63
      4. What the f/ stop t-shirt in Heather by Forty Sixty Photo, $18 (seriously guffawing at their entire selection!)
      5. iPhone 4/4s/5 case that looks like a Rollei, $20 by Crafic on Etsy

      Disclaimer: most Amazon links are affiliate links, so if you purchase something from that click I will get a few nickels. All product shots are copyrighted to their original creators. 

      Happy shopping! More weddings tomorrow! :)


      At first, I was going to comment about how amazing the P&P sweater was. But then I saw the f/stop shirt and I need it. Off to check out the site!

      Emily, yes!! I need that shirt in my life!!

      I never envisioned saying this about a thumb drive, but those are seriously gorgeous.