I had all of 2 days’ notice for Abe and Marilyn’s wedding. They were married at Chapel Dulcinea on a Tuesday — but more importantly, on Marilyn’s birthday. The couple is planning to have a big bash next October on Abe’s birthday :) It was cold, windy, and pretty much amazing.

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      Jeff @Marilynn Dillon

      Dear Abe&Marilyn

      I know Your dad is very proud of you. I am sure he was there somehow in his own way.. I knew John and his energy is timeless.

      Happiness for Ever

      Cousin Jeff

      ps. Someday I hope to sit down with you , like so many of your family, and tell you stories jncludng how much your dad cared for all of you. He came to my wedding in Santa Barbara in 1983..
      He and I hung out together in Santa Monica, Isla Vista ( we both went to UCSB)and later in Alaska.

      Wow, this is perfect! Her dress, quaint little chapel, ringing the bell after the ceremony. All so great!

      that dress is so darn beautiful… great set of images

      Love the photo of the tree in the foreground during the ceremony!

      Steller as usual love the venue!

      these are so great! i love intimate weddings!

      intimate weddings are the best. so good!

      Ooh, this is a very goofy grin inspiring set of photos. Gorgeous *and* sweet.

      A lovely intimate wedding and her dress is beautiful

      intimate weddings are awesome. love her dress too!

      Perfect little elopement! And can I take a second to commend her dress?! Wow! Gorgeous work!

      Wow, brilliantly beautiful wedding and work!