barr mansion front of house

      The first time I saw Barr Mansion I said, “I’ve never seen a place more happily situated.”* Because it’s very true: the sweet little mansion sits atop a slight hill as the sun glows all around it. The elegant glass ballroom is tucked away behind foliage and gardens, and the food prepared by Barr staff is all local, organic, and delicious.

      I had the good fortune to help shoot a wedding at the beautiful Central Christian Church and Barr Mansion with Kitty Sanchez a little while ago. I absolutely love Barr Mansion and would love to visit it again soon! 

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      * Psst, that was a Pride and Prejudice line. I hope you caught that :)


      Stunning! I wish we had somewhere like that in Chicago!

      I didn’t catch that! For shame. But these are a great set of images :)

      I really like to sprinkle P&P and Harry Potter quotes everywhere I go… It’s okay; I’m kind of a nerd :)

      Barr Mansion has great sunset light. I think it’s also happy because it’s on Sprinkle rd. Great job working with the ballroom!

      Love Barr Mansion!! I can’t wait to see you work there more soon :-)