Glimpses of my week –

      I woke up super early (for me) on a Saturday to take photos of my friend Brooke running the Austin Marathon (go Brooke!) – BAM! Elissa-fied Scout – “For Audrey” by China Glaze. (Oh, noticed my Goomba, did you? We have Super Mario Bros. decals in our hallway. It makes the hall look… less like a hall, more like an awesome spot to hang out.)

      Posts that you may have missed on the blog this week –
      Nola & David’s Kali Kate Engagement Session (with horses!)
      1Q84 Review 

      Elsewhere –
      I can’t help it. 48 Pictures that Perfectly Capture the ’90s – I love the scan of the new gadgets. I feel a little old now…
      APW: Everyone Deserves A Moment – about same-sex weddings
      The new music video by Ming & Ping “Wintersong” (on youtube)
      Pajiba shares the new NBC drama with Lucius Malfoy — er, Captain Hook — er, Jason Isaacs, called “Awake.” The full pilot (without commercials) is available on Hulu. I watched it and it looks fascinating… I think I’ll keep tuning in.


      I seriously LOVE that every Friday post for you includes a photo of your nails. :) Love. It. Also – Super Mario decals?! YES. :)