One thing I didn’t count on when I went full-time is that my unconscious mind has been absolutely, totally, taken over by wedding photographer dreams. I’d had wedding photographer dreams when I was working a day job, but they were never this frequent. Now that I’m immersed in my business so thoroughly, and most of my waking hours is dealing with the nit-picky stuff, the accounting, the marketing, the et cetera that makes this business go, every night when I go to sleep there is more to be expounded upon.

      I’ve had nightmares about forgetting my gear, losing my gear, breaking my gear, having my gear stolen. I’ve woken up screaming because I’d dreamt that I’d messed up my calendar-keeping and missed an appointment or double-booked a wedding. I’ve had strange dreams about meeting other photographers I’m networked with, but have never met before because they’re in different cities.

      I’m starting to think that I really need another hobby, to take my brain off of what’s going on here. Maybe being so incredibly focused on the business is not the best — though I think it also means that I really care about what I’m doing and that I’m treating my couples’ days very seriously.


      * * *

      Nails: “Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!” from the OPI Germany collection. I think this is my absolute favorite grey out there. It’s so dark it’s almost black.

      nein nein nein ok fine by opi


      This was one of the reasons I started sewing. Definitely find a hobby or something that’s not photography so you can give your brain a mental break.

      Oooo – now that’s a color I can get on board with! And YES to the dreams and complete 100% immersion in your business. It is starting to drive James crazy (who am I kidding, it’s been driving him crazy since last September)! I need to start going to yoga or something… de-stressor of some sort is needed. Anyway – I hope you find something to keep you happy and balanced as well! :)

      Love the nail color!