My first gradient. Light pink base is OPI’s “Kiss on the Chic.” Darker rose is “Dress Me Up” by China Glaze. I love gradients! They take a lot longer to create, which means it’s a much smellier experience, but I love the effect.

      Life is currently…

      Big happy things. Little happy things. Life is a-changin’, my friends. Oh yes.

      Talking with my grandparents-in-law last week, I learned that it was their 60th wedding anniversary. They went out, bought a new TV, then came home to drink martinis and eat Chinese takeout. I want to be as awesome as they are when Walt and I are 84.

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      Hi, America!

      We had some ups and downs this week, didn’t we? From the passing of Amendment One in North Carolina (boooo) to President Obama’s support of same-sex marriages (hoooooray!), I felt like we as a country were full of changes. I think it’s only poetic that this weekend I will be photographing my first same-sex wedding ceremony, in Good Ol’ San Antonio, Texas, and I cannot wait to share photos of it with y’all.

      Love is love. I feel like I should start a little wall of photos of White Knots I’ve had at many of my weddings so far. I love that my heterosexual couples acknowledge that there needs to be marriage equality for everyone. Here are two to get us started (one from Liz and Steven’s wedding on the left, and Rachelle and Stephen’s on the right):

      marriage equality for all people


      Three cheers to long marriages and Chinese food : D

      Oh that nail polish is pretty!!! And amen to love IS love!!!