aka, Nail Polish Friday….

      don't mess with OPI

      These are my Sailor Jupiter nails. (Sailor Jupiter, you know, green and pink?) Green is “Don’t Mess with OPI” from the Texas collection. Ring finger is “Excuse Moi!” from the OPI Muppet collection. You can barely see it because this polish is a dud, but the green has a light glittery overlay of “I Juggle Men” by OPI. It’s such a thin glitter coat that I can barely see it in real life, either.

      C’est la vie.

      For the first time in a while, I actually feel like I have a regular rhythm of blogging going. I have posts lined up in my head, churning out as fast as I can shoot them. On the other hand, my offline to-do list keeps getting longer and longer. I need to design things, order new supplies, and actually sweep my office.

      On the blog –
      Austin Wedding Photobooths! – super fun and super awesome!
      Photos for Eva – Cystic Fibrosis Awareness – for those of you who aren’t wedding or portrait clients, I’m going to have fine art prints available in a public online shop next week (or so is the plan) :)

      Have you ever wandered around on Youtube? I call it Youtube surfing. I pick a video of a song I like and listen to it, then hop onto one of Youtube’s recommendations. You can get lost in a rabbit hole of artists you’ve never heard of. I found these all in a row:

      After reading comments on the Youtube pages, I wondered if I was now a hipster. But then I shook it off. I like what I like! What music are you digging lately?


      Little Talks is currently one of my favorite songs. I like it so much that I actually bought it.

      Trisha – Yeah, I bought their entire album after browsing a few more of their songs and realizing that I really liked them! On Amazon, the digital download for their entire album was only $5 :)

      haha! I love that you questioned whether or not you were a hipster after surfing YouTube!! :) Too funny. Also – it really is just nail polish Friday. And I love it. Lastly – isn’t it nice when you get used to blogging regularly – how you start to think in ‘blog mode’ – and are coming up with posts when you don’t even mean to?! So nice.

      Neon Indian has a remix of “Another Likely Story”, a song by a keyboard synth trio I’ve enjoyed for years, Au Revoir Simone. Cheers for good listening : D