Glimpses of my week – 

      We got our new stove so I’ve been making as many things that require a frying pan as possible — including eggs and a protein oat pancake with berries (nomnom)! – This week was the 2-year anniversary of picking up our kitties, so I thought I’d take a photo of fat Scout, who is a Chubby McChubberson – as I mentioned earlier this week, I did a project with my friends Eran and Lori, and Eran took this photo of me lookin’ all professional – my new Kindle case is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE AND AMAZING!! I’d been using an old knitted cap to house my Kindle for a while, since this case came from an Etsy seller in Thailand, so the create time + ship time was about a month! SOOO worth it, though! I get so happy looking at my little Totoro poking out of my bag.

      On my nails: China Glaze’s “Stone Cold” (a matte charcoal grey/black from the Hunger Games collection)… I was really disappointed in this formula; after a few days, even with a matte topcoat (Essie’s Matte About You) it chipped like crazy. As you can see, I Frankenstein’d my thumbs a bit (first photo: Designer… de better from OPI’s Muppet). I took off Stone Cold, let my nails breathe for a day, then applied OPI’s “A Oui Bit of Red.”

      Posts you may have missed – 
      Lori & Eran – just one photo from a post-project photo session
      Diana & Michael | DIY Crafty Wedding at Mercury Hall – LOVE this wedding!

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


      We’re officially D700 buddies! My wife and I picked up our first last week and are aiming for our second next week…fingers crossed…

      Dude. Coolest Kindle case ever.

      Looks like a great week :-D