This week… our stove is broken [and we are waiting for it to be replaced] so I’ve been making do with our slow cooker and waffle maker. It’s verrry annoying not having eggs for breakfast (my favorite!), but homemade waffles are pretty good too. Nail polish is “Agro” by China Glaze from the Hunger Games collection. You can’t really tell here, but it’s got a golden shimmer with the green.

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      Doctor Who: I’m Doing it Wrong

      I’m going to take all of your advice and start Doctor Who at the beginning of season 1 (of the reboot). I didn’t realize how much media I consumed until I looked at all the titles that I have been viewing lately — Walt and I like to watch TV shows together and after finishing season 6 of Dexter a few weeks ago, we started in on Battlestar Gallactica. He’s seen most of it before; it’s all new to me. I am addicted, but we’re watching only one episode a night. Truthfully, all I want to do is this:

      (I think at least 3 people told me about this clip when I said I was starting BSG and wanted to watch it all at once… you know who you are!)

      This weekend is Diana and Michael‘s wedding!! So excited!! Happy Friday, everyone!


      You make banana chocolate waffles look like a very good idea on an empty stomach : D

      Um. Yes, that is exactly how it goes with BSG. EXCEPT. I watched the second-to-last episode oh, about 2 years ago. Right before our wedding. And I could not stand for it to end (also, mega intense for that particular life stage). So I never finished it. The end.

      I love the green polish!

      Fred and I totally did that with BSG, one weekend we stayed up until FOUR IN THE MORNING watching the beginning of S4 (which is so good, Kara Thrace’s character development will hook you).

      I’m bookmarking the Dr. Who advice because I think that we might start that next.

      Stop it with the chocolate waffles & bananas! YUM! I’m dying to make some! Maybe I’ll do that for breakfast today! :)

      Okay that waffle looks delicious but pales in comparison to how amazingly hilarious that Portlandia clip is!!! And too true :-D BSG is soooooo addicting!

      I love that clip. That is soooo how I watch TV shows. I recently realized I can’t watch shows in real time anymore because I lose interest (in one week!) between episodes. I just want to watch ALL THE EPISODES!!