Glimpses of my week –

      “New” (for me, anyway) lens (24mm f/2.8). I’ve been thinking that I might want to shoot wider during receptions — currently I shoot most of the reception with a 35mm but I started to wish I could see just a little bit more outside of the frame… so I’m giving the 24mm a try. It’s an older lens but is tack-sharp. I’m pretty excited to play with it!

      & China Glaze’s “Harvest Moon” (Hunger Games nail polish)! I love the color but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that it chipped so easily. I always use a strong topcoat (by Qtica, if you’re curious) but this chipped within a day. Maybe it’s because it’s a foil. So it goes!

      What a week, what a week! I helped out at a wedding during the weekend, had several fabulous meetings with really awesome people (that I hope become clients! :), went to my mother-in-law’s birthday dinner at Jack Allen’s and stuffed myself silly at the end of the meal with a dense flourless chocolate torte (mmmm), bought a new lens, am 8% (so the Kindle says) away from finishing Little Women, and received many hugs and cuddles from three warm bodies, two of them extremely fuzzy (Walt, cat, and cat).

      Did you miss this post on the blog? Liz & Steven’s Offbeat Wedding at Mercury Hall … I really enjoyed being a part of their day :)

      Elsewhere –
      31+ Great Iconic Photos from History – I loved the one of Salvador Dali (a little more than halfway down)
      Yet another reason for me to love Fiona Apple (whose new record comes out SOON?! I hope!)
      If you didn’t read A Practical Wedding this week, you missed out on an entire week’s worth of amazing content. Last week was great too — I loved this post by Maddie about Taming the Fear. 

      Happy Friday!


      Enjoy it! We just picked up a 35/f2 AF-D, and are looking forward to using it for an engagement session in a few weeks. The 24/2.8 looks solid, and we might pick one up someday. The 85mm is next on our list, however : D

      Pretty! I can’t wait to see what you do with the 24mm!!!

      You had a busy busy week down there!!! That color is super pretty – but don’t think it will look right on my skin tone – so I’ll admire it on you from afar. ;-) Also – yay for the 24! That and the 85mm are next on my *wish list* (that is a mile long)! ;)