Glimpses of my week –

      China Glaze’s “Dress Me Up” with a coat of “Luxe and Lush” on my pinky – my new Kindle Keyboard!

      About the Kindle: I was finally swayed to try the Kindle a few weeks ago. Walt got a Kindle Touch for Christmas. When I was done reading Emma in book form, I tried to find my copy of Sense and Sensibility. I could have sworn I had a paperback of it somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. I resigned myself to having to go to Half Price Books to buy another copy of it, when Walt suggested I just use his Kindle. He found the entire Jane Austen collection for 99 cents and downloaded it for me.

      I have been so very pro-book this entire time — turning pages, smelling paper, feeling the reassuring weight as I plow through page after page… so using his Kindle took a little getting used to. I didn’t like it at first — every time I accidentally swiped my sleeve across the “page” face, the Kindle brought me back to the table of contents, which was maddening — but I had to admit it was nice reading with it propped up, no pages to mash down with an elbow, while I ate lunch. It’s also super lightweight, which meant that I could stuff it into my purse and it felt no heavier than having a stack of index cards added to my pile (compare that to the workout that was hauling around a paper copy of 1Q84).

      I was at Office Max at the beginning of the week, buying labels, when I saw a display of Kindles. There was the original, the Keyboard, the Touch, the Fire… and I handled each one. The Keyboard (which I think is being discontinued; it’s no longer on the Amazon home page) felt the best to me, and was on sale. So I took a chance and got myself a little present :) I like that the screen isn’t affected (like the Touch) when I want to brush cat hair off of it…

      I love that literary classics are either cheap or free for Kindle… I was able to download Little Women for free and I’m reading it now! I also bought the most adorable little case for it off Etsy and I’m waiting for it to wing its way to my doorstep. I’m really excited about that!

      Books will always be my first love, but the Kindle has its uses and I’m learning to appreciate it.

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      Happy Friday!


      I love love love my Kindle! I have that same one! I also have the cover from Amazon that has a light built in to it. That way, at night I can read without disturbing Mike. Bonus? If I nod off while reading and the Kindle goes to sleep, it shuts the light off too!

      Which cover did you get? I might want to get a pretty one for while I’m traveling soon.

      OH! Love the nail polish! So pretty… and the accent on the pinky = adorable.

      And yay for the kindle! I read… a lot.. and I have a kindle, too. I’m trying really hard to not buy more kindle books, but to either a) finish the ones I’ve already purchased or b) read the physical books I have copies of that are still unread. Enjoy the kindle!

      Happy weekend!

      @ Christy, Emilia – What’s funny is that when I first put it on, I was convinced that my skin tone didn’t work with the color at all… but it’s really grown on me. It’s one of my favorite colors now….

      I think that is my favorite nail polish on you yet! LOVE it!!!!!

      Oh my gosh I LOVE your polish!

      I loooove my Kindle! I actually have a post up today about mine too. If you like the classics, I suggest downloading the Magic Catalog of Project Gutenberg Books here: It will download as a “book” to your Kindle, but it’s really a long list of links to all the free books from Project Gutenberg. Makes it super easy to download the classics to your Kindle for free!