It’s the 13th Hello, Friday and I have no photos to share with you. So here are a few songs I’ve been digging lately.

      Of all the songs on Lana del Rey’s album, “Radio” gets the most listens from me. It’s just so… where I am right now. Or, where I think I am. [NSFW language]

      No list would be complete without a bit of Florence… This is actually the first time I’ve seen this music video, and I really love her dress at 0:33…

      Oh and if you want to clean your house at top speed, or run several miles without stopping, or do something else that requires a ton of energy, always turn to the Go! Team:

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      This weekend is Steven and Liz’s WEDDING! You know, the Firefly engagement session couple :) Oh I’m so excited, you guys. First of all, because I’ve known Steven since we were in elementary school, so being a part of such a big milestone in a childhood friend’s life is special in itself… but SECONDLY, their wedding is off the beaten path… it’s going to be really fun. I can already tell :)


      Lana Del Ray freaked me out after I saw her on SNL – but I may have to give her another go… But only because you say so! ;)

      She was AWFUL on SNL and I wrote her off after that. But after hearing a few of my friends praise her and enjoy her songs, I listened to “Born to Die” on Youtube and really enjoyed it. I ended up getting her album and listening to it all the way through. Some songs are definitely not good (I outright deleted “Carmen” from iTunes — it’s so boring) but the majority of the album is really good and gets stuck in your head…