Glimpses of my week –

      The State Capitol – chocolate truffles from Big Top Candy Shop (which was crazy-busy on Saturday… goodness) – my Japanese cousin Rina enjoying a truffle! – delicious Canadian/UK candy that my friends Sarah and Caitlin told me about… the inside is a honeycomb. I love honey so I gobbled this up in 5 minutes – Walter hung our giant Texas map (it’s like 5 feet across!).

      Blog posts that you may have missed this week – 
      Texas Independence Day (Weekend) – more photos of our trip to the Capitol, including some taken by my dad :)
      Fine Art Canvases – I love my new canvases!!
      Tips on Hiring a Wedding Photographer – 3 tips that will help you to make a decision!

      Guess what?!! Wedding season (for me) starts TOMORROW. We’re going to hit the ground running. That means 2 things:
      1. There will be more photos of weddings and wedding-related things here on the internets! We’re going to start with Emily & Bill’s wedding and Emily’s bridals, and just keep going from there. It’s gonna rock the casbah.
      2. The number and frequency of other posts might drop. My #1 priority is to the clients I have, and these blog posts (as quick as it can be for you to read them) take time to create. I don’t want to slow down the production of their photos and risk damaging my customer service because I was posting too much personal stuff here! I hope you do stick around and look at the beautiful photos that will come from all the wonderful weddings I’ll be a part of this season, though! Thanks for understanding :)


      I’m excited to see wedding stuff popping up around here again (and everywhere)! It feels like the off-season has been 10 months instead of just a couple – doesn’t it? :) Also – yum – chocolate! And lastly – I think this is your first Friday post without a pic of new nail polish color! haha :)

      I know! But when I think back to my last wedding last October, I also feel like it was just a few weeks ago… time is so strange!

      I realized I’d forgotten to take a photo of my nail polish after I’d stripped it off and painted them next week’s color. It’s too bad because it was pretty good — dark blue with holographic glitter! I’ll have to redo them sometime.

      Oh those little chocolates look so yummy! What a fun week :-)