On Father’s Day, I was sitting at home reading stuff on the internet. Things like Reddit and Post Secret and whatnot. Some people were talking about how they did not believe in the myth of a good father, that the people who said that their fathers were good people were in denial or lying. It made me very sad for those folks… because I have the best father in the world. And as I was thinking on the good people in my life, I had this warm, enveloping sense of contentment. Everyone I know — everyone I surround myself with, or the people I’m related to by blood or marriage — are Good People. My parents are awesome. My sister and I are close (I get to be her maid of honor at her wedding too!) and her fianc√© is great. My extended family are all fabulous people. I love my in-laws… and not just my parents-in-law, but all of my cousins-in-law and aunts- and uncles-in-law (and yes, my grandparents-in-law, who read this blog!) are great people too. My friends are amazing. My online community of friends is also so supportive and sweet. And of course I have the best husband ever. How’d I luck out?!

      Today is Walter’s birthday. My sweet husband.

      I don’t often get mushy, so I’ll just stop right about here. :)

      Happy birthday to Walt!

      Photo of Walt taken sometime last year. T-Max 100 (yup. on filmmm!)


      Mushy… :-) Happy birthday, Walt!

      Aw, so sweet. Happy birthday to Walt!