As a business owner, I wear many hats. Not just the Photographer hat, but also the Email hat, Webmaster hat, Content Manager hat, Editor hat, Secretary hat, and so on. One of the things that I sadly neglect is updating my portfolio page. I am diligent about the blog and making sure that fresh content is up every week, but the actual portfolio — that best of the best, my favorites of my favorites — is relegated to the back of my mind. Sadly, if people are surfing onto my site for the first time, they are probably going to look for the portfolio first, to get a quick sense of my choice of representative work, and they are getting old stuff. I checked my portfolio slideshow today and realized that the last time I’d updated it was last November. Almost a year ago! Shameful.

      So! I updated my portfolio with a few of my favorite photos from the current wedding season. Looking through, I’m starting to think I should have another set of portfolio images of engagement session work, since I do so many… what do you think?

      Here are a few (but not ALL!) of the new additions to the portfolio… I’m sure many are familiar to you, if you keep up with the blog! Maybe you’ll see yourself in them too :)

      brides touch foreheads in beautiful sunlightceremony shot outdoors at mercury hallcouple just married at zilker botanical gardens austin texasguests dancing at mercury hall outdoor receptiondog in a bowtie at weddingaustin wedding photographer


      Nice picks. The dog shot is so funny.

      Gorgeous! Love the one with the huppah especially. :)

      Love love love those first three especially :-D

      You picked all my favorite ones!! :)