Today is my sister’s birthday. She is almost (but not quite!) 3 decades old.

      She’s been there for me since the day I arrived on this planet, and yeah we’ve had our little sibling quibbles (me being an annoying 10-year-old while she was a popular 12-year-old can do that), but she’s been there for me through fights with friends, breakups with boyfriends, fears about college, and was my maid of honor at my wedding. She listens to my silly stories, she has lent me money when I needed it, and she eats my homemade cookies. In short, she’s an awesome sister and a wonderful person and I’m glad we’re related, because I’m pretty sure that if we weren’t we’d have nothing to talk about :)

      two sisters with birthday cake
      Photo by my dad. That’s me sneezing on the cake.